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Stora framsteg för svensk sjöfarts- och offshoreteknik (Seminarum efter Swedoceans årsmöte, 11 april)

Stora framsteg för svensk sjöfarts- och offshorteknik
Seminarium efter Swedoceans årsmöte den 11 april i Sjöräddningssalen, Långedrag.


14.00 Start med några inledningsord från Ordföranden

14.05 Stena RORO har en beställning på fyra ROPAX-färjor i Kina med option på ytterligare fyra. Fartygen lär med sina 3.100 lanemeter och 1.000 passagerare vara mycket intressanta i design, bränsleeffektivitet, miljöanpassning samt kapacitet, Per Westling, Stena RORO
* Nuläget för nybygget Global Mercy som byggs i Kina. Per Westling
* Projekt med batteridrift på Stena Jutlandica, Per Wimby

15.00 Powercell om bränslecellsteknologi samt varför bränsleceller i framtiden kan installeras i oceangående fartyg. Analys om hur bränsleceller och batterier kan samexistera. Johan Burgren, Powercell Sweden AB

15.30 Kaffe och bensträckare

16.00 Stora offshore fiskodlingar i fartygsform. Förankring av vågkraftverk och flytande vindkraftverk. Avancerade undervattenskonstruktioner. Gustav Wallerstedt och Jakob Pohorely från Sigma Energy & Marine AB.

16.30 I-Tech om sin antifouling substans Selektope, en svensk innovation med bränslebesparingsfokus. 
Cecilia Ohlauson, I-Tech

17.00 Nya stora offshoreprojekt på Arendal, Göteborg, 
Peo Swärd, Projektledare alt ersättare, Apply Emtunga.

17.15 Sjöfartsstatistik. Analys om Sverige samt omvärlden. 
Christoper Pålsson. Lloyd´s List Intelligence

17.30 Middag på Långedrag Värdshus. Anmälda deltagare och föreläsare. Separat anmälan (Föreläsarna bjuds in) Med reservation för ändringar.

Med reservation för ändringar.

Pris: Medlemmar, seminarium och middag 500:- Övriga: seminarium och middag 700:-, seminarium 200:-
Anmäl senast 5 april till Swedoceans kansli, Eva Brodén Tel. 031-722 91 31

Platsannons: Supply Chain & Logistics Manager (I-Tech AB)

Supply Chain & Logistics Manager

I-Tech AB is a Gothenburg-based bio-tech-company offering a unique active agent (a chemical compound), Selektope®, to the marine coatings industry that improves the coating’s bio-fouling prevention properties. The business focus is primarily in the global commercial shipping domain where Selektope® contributes to cleaner hulls and consequently improved hull performance and reduced maintenance costs. Throughout recent years, I-Tech has successfully registered and patented its unique product in relevant key markets and has proven its business concepts in an international environment.

Following the successful market introduction of marine antifouling products containing our proprietary active agent Selektope® by two of the largest paint makers in the world, the company is now experiencing sharp growth and is developing a future-proof supply chain jointly with its partners and manufacturers to accommodate customer demands. As the key concepts are being established in a new international supply chain system, I-Tech is now focusing more than ever on executing customer orders in parallel develop the supply chain, logistics and production to new standards in terms of cost efficiency, robustness and administrative routines. In addition, strategic procurement activities are constantly running to assure long term competitiveness. To provide best possible pre-requisites to become a leading player among the suppliers to the marine coatings companies, I-Tech is investing in a new position within the company to, in a hands-on manner, operate the supply chain and logistics both on an order by order basis, but also on a strategic level.

The ideal candidate has a proven track record in procurement, operational as well as strategic, hands on execution of supply chain operations of chemical processes (preferable) including manufacturing, quality assurance, logistics and information/document/order administration. As the supply chain is involving international suppliers (API producers) and partners, the candidate is used to work with, and get things done with, counterparts in different cultures. Finally, the candidate possesses analytical skills to analyse and propose improvement activities enhancing the companies competitive advantage.

Key responsibilities:
• Secure on time deliveries of customer orders
• Order, production and logistics management
• Develop and implement necessary routines and standards within the supply chain.
• Assure and maintain proper product quality and documentation.
• Manage and develop relationships with relevant counterparts through the supply chain and logistics.
• Continuous development of the supply chain and logistics (production, transport, administration, inventory, information and quality)
• Analytical background work for implementation on operational improvements and long term strategic development of the supply chain jointly with I-Tech Chief Operations Officer.

Job Location, Travelling & Educational Background:
• Gothenburg, Sweden (I-Tech Headquarters)
• Extensive travelling, both intercontinental and continental
• BSc, preferable MSc or similar degree in supply chain management, logistics or business administration

Organisational Position:
• Reports to Chief Operating Officer (COO)
• No current direct reports but may change over time

Position Type:
• Full-Time/Regular


Dr. Oliver Weigenand, COO
I-Tech AB
c/o Astra Zeneca, Pepparedsleden 1
SE-431 83 Mölndal

Blue Economy In South Africa & Sweden (Uppdaterad)

September 14th 2017 – Göteborg

The South African Embassy, South African Department of Trade and Industry in partnership with the Swedish-Southern African Chamber of Commerce (SSACC) and Swedocean welcome you to a business seminar to facilitate interaction between the Swedish and South African businesses in the Blue Economy.
The aim of the seminar is to bring together the South African and Swedish companies, key-players and stakeholders in the field of the blue economy to explore partnerships, networking, technology transfer, knowledge sharing and benchmarking.
Furthermore, to allow small and big corporations from both countries in the specific sectors of the blue economy such as marine transport, marine protection services, aquaculture and offshore oil & gas exploration to engage each other with the objective of identifying opportunities and possible areas of collaborations.

Read more
Programme for Blue Economy Seminar
Blue Economy Seminar Companies

Message sent on behalf of Ambassador Radebe:

Dear All Participants,

It was an honour and privilege for me to have met all of you during the Blue Economy Seminar held on 14-15 September 2017, in Gothenburg. I would like to reiterate my sincere gratitude and appreciation to all our partners (SSACC and SwedOcean) and all the participants from South Africa and Sweden.

I sincerely believe that the partnerships developed during the seminar will grow stronger and ultimately contribute towards the strategic depth of the bilateral relations between South Africa and Sweden.
I wish all participants’ great success in further pursuing your different projects and I would like to urge you not to hesitate to contact the Embassy in Stockholm should you require further assistance.

Yours Sincerely

Duncan Sebefelo
Chargé d’affaires a.i.

Ambassador Faith Doreen Radebe

Swedoceans årsmöte den 20 april 2017

Apply Emtunga på Arendal har producerat denna modul till fältet Martin Linge för Total. Ordervärde ca. En miljard.

Visning i samband med Swedoceans årsmöte den 20 april.

13.00 – Besök på Emtunga i gamla Arendalsvarvets hallar. Visning av unit till riggen ”Martin Linge” för Total. Leveransfärdig och skall installeras med Hereema tunglyftare.

Seminarium på Arkens konferenscentrum, Aulan, Arendal.

15.00 – Inledning, Lennart Fougelberg, Ordf. Swedocean

15.05 – Apply Emtunga. Om verksamheten och speciellt den aktuella leveransen.
Christofer Edström, VD, Peo Swärd, Projektledare.

15.35 – Sigma Energy & Marine. Satsningen på Subsea och Semisub i Göteborg
Holger Eriksson, VP Business Developement.

16.00 – Kaffe

16.20 – Offshore Floating Units vs Trading Ships. Rules and regulations.
Dir. Ulrik Frörup, Bureau Veritas, Offshore Opeations & Services.

16.45 – Floatel Interrnational med fem toppmoderna bostadsriggar i marknaden. Hur har nybyggena fungerat och var arbetar de. Hur ser framtiden ut? Peter Jacobsson, VD Floatel

17.10 – Basstech har flera pågående offshoreprojekt och ca. 40 ingenjörer igång.Hur ser verksamheten och framtiden ut? Acke Dahlman, VD Basstech

17.40 – Middag på Arken, Arendal

Anmälan: Swedoceans kansli, Eva Brodén,
Mail:, Tel: 031-772 91 31

Swedoceanmedlemmar deltar kostnadsfritt. Övriga: 300:- (Talare är fria)

Kommentarer från Sjöfartstidningen om Swedocean

Här en analys av beslut angående SECA-områdenas och Ballast Water Treatment ökande krav på Världshandelsflottan samt en analys från Christopher Pålsson, Lloyd´s List Intelligence. Detta från Swedoceans senaste medlemsmöte. Även kommentarer från Sjöfartstidningens senaste nyhetsbrev om seminariet.

Stora möjligheter i grannländerna/

”Det får så stora konsekvenser”

Aktuella sjöfartsfrågor på seminarium

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